Sunday, April 18, 2010


***The image above shows how drugs or drinking can affect your family in a horrific way.***

In today’s society, many children are being exposed to drugs on the street, especially through family members. Many young children that are exposed to illegal drugs are through a friend or even a sibling. Social learning theory is a theory that can be learned. It is learned through socially interacting with society. Social learning theory is a change in an individual’s behavior, knowledge, capability, or attitude that is acquired through experience from the individual’s social world. In addition, it is taught through the component of Aker’s theory of differential reinforcement which is learned through rewards. In fact, according to Bynum and Thompson, Aker’s theory which is, “that deviant (and delinquent) behavior is learned and acted out in response to rewards and reinforcements that are available in the individual's environment” (Bynum & Thompson). For example, a fear for a child to think they will lose the most important thing in their life may cause them to reinforce events that will prevent them from losing their loved one. These include gratification, status, and other rewards which can serve as a role model for many teenagers.

Peer pressure can also cause one to change their mindset, and it can even force them to go against their norms or even commit crimes. Having some type of reinforcement in one’s life could manipulate an individual to even go against their norms. It can even lead an individual to abuse drugs. A child might abuse drugs because they see their parents abusing drugs. For example, many of us probably have heard of the Italian mafia; they function and form their gang basically within generations. In fact, a study done by the national youth organization indicated that a child is more prone to do drugs and abuse drugs if a family members is using drugs. For example, I work as a tutor for many elementary schools as well as middle schools. I have seen many youths who are getting sent to juvenile hall because of drug issues. I witness that ninety percent of the youths who were arrested because of drug possession stated that they were exposed to drugs because of family members. These youth are our future generation; we need to show them the right path and open many doors for their success.

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